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Who We Are:

We are a small LED lighting company committed to brightening your world. There's already too much poor quality LED lighting around, and our goal is to change that. Rather than just be another company trying to sell cheap imported lighting that doesn't last, our goal is to provide high quality, energy efficient LED lighting that will last you for years. Our business goal is to live out Christian principles in honesty and earning your trust. 
Marcus and Lula Martin
Marcus Martin, Owner, and his wife Lula on their wedding day, Sept 28, 2019


We started when the owner and founder, Marcus Martin was on a Christian mission trip to Hong Kong. While there, he met up with an LED lighting supplier. He bought a few of his lights for his own vehicle. Upon returning to the USA, he was really impressed with the quality and function of the lighting. He started ordering a lot more to sell to friends. And as an ASE certified auto technician, he began selling them to customers in the automotive repair facility where he worked. And that's where LED Light Upgrade was born. Having seen a lot of issues with some of the cheaper LED lighting on the market, he got the idea to start distributing them to customers nationwide. The next step was to expand into the commercial and other categories that we sell. 

Our Promises To You:

*To only supply you with the best quality LED lighting available. 
*To help you in any way we can as long as you need.
*To stand behind our warranty.
*To cheerfully accept any return as outlined in our Return Policy.
*Above all to treat you honestly, fairly, and to follow the golden rule.
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