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Are LED Headlights Worth The Money?

You've probably checked some pricing on LED headlight conversion kits if you're here. Many, at least the good-quality ones, are a lot more expensive than replacing that burned-out bulb with a regular halogen bulb. And coming from an LED website, you might think that my opinion is biased. Well let's look at some comparisons, and you can make up your mind for yourself.

Brightness: It's no secret that LED lights are a lot brighter than halogen. Halogen headlights put out an average of 1400 lumens of light in low beam, and 2400 lumens of light in high beam. LED headlights vary a lot in brightness, but for example, our T8 LED Headlight Set ranges from 5600 lumens on low beam to 6800 lumens on high beam. So it's safe to say, that upgrading to LED's will give you a lot more light on the road.

Durability: This comparison varies a lot since there is so many variations of LED headlight bulbs. LED's by design last 20-25 times longer than halogen bulbs. For you, as a vehicle owner, this means fewer burned out bulbs, less replacement costs, and a lot less bother. There are a lot of cheap LED headlight sets on Ebay and Amazon that don't give you as good of life as your halogen bulbs. There again, the key is to stay with a reputable brand. Here at LED Light Upgrade, we back all of our bulbs with a 2 year warranty.

Safety: You may be thinking by now that LED headlights are more dangerous, since they are so bright and can blind oncoming traffic. This is true of cheaper LED lights that are not engineered for a correct beam pattern, or ones that haven't been adjusted correctly. However once they are adjusted to the right height, LED headlights will no longer blind others, but give you much more down road light, so you can see that deer or obstacle before you hit it.

Comfort: You may wonder what comfort has to do with headlights. A lot. You've probably all experienced a night driving, where it was raining and miserable. LED's can't stop the rain, but they can give you more light. In turn, that reduces eye strain, making your drive much more enjoyable.

Ease-Of-Use: Halogen bulbs are easier to use than LED. That is due to their widespread availability, and also price. Quality LED headlights are not always available at your local parts store. Halogen bulbs plug directly into your housing, with no changes. LED's are mostly plug and play, however sometimes they require some slight modifications.

Conclusion: LED headlights are brighter, more durable, safer, and more comfortable. Halogens are slightly easier to use sometimes. So we can safely say that for most vehicles and drivers, LED headlights are a better option. Just be careful where you buy them and make sure they come with a good warranty.

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