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9005 T8 LED Headlight Conversion Kit

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Our 9005 LED Headlight Conversion Kit is a plug-n-play replacement for 9005 halogen bulbs. They are engineered to connect right up to factory connectors and housings and provide a correct beam pattern, even for projector lenses. And since they're backed by a two-year warranty, you know you're getting the best!


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Light Source: LED

Wattage: 60 Watt

Voltage: 12-24 Volts

Lumens: 5600-6800

Color Temperature: 6000K

Waterproof Rate: IP68

Operating Temperature: -40 - 176F

Heat Dissipation: Copper Heat Sink Tail

Warranty: 2 Years



Upgrade your dim vehicle lights today with our T8 LED Headlight Upgrade! Our lights are designed for ease of use and trouble-free function. You can plug them directly into your factory connector and housing, which means there is no need for costly modifications. LED headlights are much brighter than your regular halogen bulbs, so you can see that deer or stranded vehicle in time to avoid a collision. Besides that, the color of LED bulbs are much closer to the color of daylight, so it makes for much more comfortable driving. And with our bulbs, we back every purchase with our 2 year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee! Upgrade your driving experience today with our high-quality LED Headlight bulbs today!

4 reviews for 9005 T8 LED Headlight Conversion Kit

  1. Jonas Martin

    I own an automotive repair shop and I install a lot of these bulbs in customer vehicles. I've had very good success with these lights and would highly recommend! Great quality and easy to install. Very bright as well.

  2. Shannon Witmer

    I needed new lights in my Saturn Aura. I
    wasn't sure if I really needed LED.
    But I sure was amazed at the difference
    in the light! Definitely recommend these
    lights. Marcus did a good job installing

  3. Ezra Luthy

    Marcus installed LED bulbs in our Toyota
    minivan. I didn't think I would
    need brighter bulbs in my truck as I
    thought they were terrific already....
    however, after driving the van for a
    trip after dark and then switching back
    to driving the truck I wondered what
    happened to my bright lights?Immediately
    afterwards, I told him he needs to
    switch the bulbs in my truck as well.
    Very satisfied!!

  4. joejoem (verified owner)

    I work at a automotive repair facility, and have had great success with these LED bulbs! Installed them in my own car and absolutely would recommend.

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