LED Headlights Reimagined

Introducing our latest and greatest LED headlight upgrade to date! The new glass prism design mimics the 360 degree lighting pattern of your factory bulbs, only better, because its so much brighter! 
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N1 LED headlight

Upgrades Shouldn't Have Downsides

The Problem:

A lot of LED headlights are great. But they usually have two LED chips, one on either side of the bulb. This results in light output unlike your factory halogen bulbs. As a result, you get a more scattered beam pattern. 

The Solution:

Our new N1 series of LED headlight bulbs. They were designed from the ground up to mimic the light pattern of your halogen bulbs, only brighter. Our proprietary prism design puts out a perfect 360 degree light pattern which works great even in projector lenses. This means a better and safer driving experience for you!

What Our Customers are saying!

I put these in my 2019 Ford Expedition and not only are they super bright, they work with the projector housings perfectly!
J Martin

Wondering Which Bulb Your Vehicle Uses?

Use our bulb finder to see exactly which bulbs your vehicle takes. 
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